Interview with Trust Inc. (Podcast)

Image credit: John Moeses Bauan

Andrew Marcinko, PhD is a behavioural scientist who has worked on projects involving the UN, NASA and the U.S. Navy Submarine School. He’s a #diversity & inclusion expert who studies authenticity, hypocrisy, & messaging and its relationship with #trust in work and life.

I recently had the pleasure of discussing issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion and the critical role of #honesty and #transparency in cultivating #cultures of trust that are critically depended upon during times of hardship and struggle: times where organizations require their people to go above and beyond. We also chatted about potential disruption to the #education industry in the WFH age, politics and societal inclusion and disparity with regard to healthcare and the covidresponse.

Andrew and I had a great time and it really shows. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Have a listen 👉

Dr. Andrew J. Marcinko
Dr. Andrew J. Marcinko
Assistant Professor and Behavioural Scientist