Diversity as I say, not as I do — Organizational authenticity and diversity management effectiveness

Marcinko, A.J.
Image credit: Unsplash
Abstract This research examines how a misalignment between an organization’s espoused values and its realized practices regarding diversity affects employees’ commitment, organizational identification, and turnover intentions. Further, it investigates whether these relationships are mediated by perceived organizational authenticity. Using an experimental methodology, Study 1 tests the interaction between an organization’s diversity management approach (espoused values) and its demographic representativeness (realized practices). In Studies 2 and 3, an intervention based on previous research involving hypocrisy and two-sided messaging is tested. In Study 4, an employee survey further supports the hypothesized mediation. These findings are relevant for any organization seeking to increase the effectiveness of its diversity management practices. Type Journal article Publication 2020 Academy of Management Proceedings
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